Monday, August 4, 2008

Switching Perspectives and Adding Views in IBM Rational Application Developer: A WebSphere J2EE/JEE Tutorial

Switching Perspectives

A perspective is simply a combination of views and editors that together create an environment that facilitates a specific segment of application development.

Web based resources are most easily edited in the Web perspective.

1. To open the Web perspective, from the menu, select Window à Open Perspective à Other…

2. Scroll down in the ‘Select Perspective’ window and highlight ‘Web’

While you’re scrolling, notice all of the perspectives available, including Java, J2EE, XML and Data to name just a few.

3. With ‘Web’ highlighted, click ‘OK’ to open the Web perspective.

Notice how a globe appears along the left hand side of the WSAD. This is the ‘Perspectives Taskbar,’ which allows you to switch easily between various perspectives.

Adding Views to a Perspective

Perspectives are a combination of helpful views and editors that are intended to help you edit and maintain a particular resource. However, sometimes a view you love won’t appear on a particular perspective.

Any view can be added to perspective. Let’s make sure the ‘Project Navigator’ appears in the current perspective.

1. From the menu, select Window à Show View à Project Navigator

The ‘Project Navigator’ will appear as a tabbed window somewhere on your perspective.

You can now save your perspective with the extra view added.

2. From the menu, select Window à Save Perspective As…

3. Provide a name for your new perspective and click ‘OK’

After customizing and saving a perspective, you can reopen that perspective any time in the future.

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